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Trying a less-waste lifestyle, and updates

Hello readers! It’s been a while. Once again, my busy life has caught up with me and I haven’t had time to write. My last post was a month ago. I’m going to try to shoot for writing at least... Continue Reading →


Making our House a Home

Wow, it feels like I haven't written in a while. The past few weeks have been so busy. There are so many things we want to do on the house, and never enough time. We both work on the week... Continue Reading →

The Endless To-Do List

D and I just spent our first weekend living in our new house. It was busy, to say the least. I’m exhausted today from lack of sleep. It’s been hard to sleep because my mind has been running on overdrive,... Continue Reading →

The ordeal of buying our house

We finally closed on our house last Friday. People say that buying a house is hard, but our experience was a doozy. That’s because the listing agent, Doug, who was selling the home was horrible. I don’t usually say that... Continue Reading →

Everyone loves a farmhouse

I finally feel comfortable with our new house. I still worry about things going wrong, like the sellers trying to screw us over or something breaking right after we move in. But since my worries aren't grounded in reality, I'm... Continue Reading →


I am a really impatient person. I hate waiting for things. Right now, we're closing on our new house in two weeks. The days are just crawling by as I wait for this day to come. There's not much to... Continue Reading →

Scarcity Mindset

Last weekend, we found a Shop-Vac on the side of the road. It seemed to be in good condition, and all the parts were there, so we took it home. We tested it when we got home, and it worked!... Continue Reading →

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