D and I just spent our first weekend living in our new house. It was busy, to say the least. I’m exhausted today from lack of sleep. It’s been hard to sleep because my mind has been running on overdrive, thinking about all the things we need to do. We had a long list of projects we wanted to do before we even bought the house. Now that we’re moved in, it’s gotten even longer. Things like new light fixtures, installing a stair railing, and getting a garage door opener, to name a few.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to doing all of those things. The more we do with the house, the more it becomes ours. As I mentioned in my previous post, we had a bunch of friends over to help us paint the weekend before we moved in. I absolutely love it! It seriously looks like a different house. My favorite room is the living room.IMG_0180

That’s because there’s so much natural light from the huge picture windows, the paint looks amazing, and there’s no remodeling we plan on doing to this room. It’s perfect as-is. (my cat Matilda is making a grand entrance in this picture)

The rest of the house is a different story. Although the kitchen is nice now, I really dislike the countertop. Our goal is to get new countertops, paint the cabinets, and open up the kitchen to the living room, which would require removing the shelf unit in the living room. At first, I didn’t like this shelf because it looked dated. But, I’ve found that it’s a great place to display some of our plants away from the cat’s’ reach!


Then there’s the bathroom, which is hopelessly dated. Our plan is to put in a new countertop and sink, restore the cabinets to their original wood, and turn the scary stall shower into a closet. We’ll probably need to replace the drawer pulls before we do any of that, because I almost broke my finger while opening a cabinet door. Who thought it was a good idea to make twisted drawer pulls? At least the paint makes the room look nicer.


We also plan to finish part of the basement, which means drywall, flooring, an all-new bathroom, lights, etc. We also want to put in new windows, and there’s also a horrible “sun porch” on the back of the house that we want to tear down. Are you overwhelmed yet?

I think the key to staying sane is to prioritize these projects, and not try to do everything at once. It’s going to be an uphill battle, because I want to do everything at once! Maybe I’ve watched too much “Fixer Upper,” so it seems like a house can be remodeled in a month. I have a vision of the amazing house this one could be, and I want it now! But if we went full steam ahead with all of our projects, we would have no money and no time to take care of ourselves. Not good. I’m the kind of person who wants to get things done, and patience is not one of my strengths. So, it’s going to be hard to slow down and do things one at a time, but I’m sure it will be worth the effort. I’ll be documenting our progress on the house on my blog, so stay tuned! In the meantime, look at these pictures of the newly painted rooms:


Sorry they aren’t great pictures, I didn’t want to take a shot of the whole room because we haven’t decorated yet.