I finally feel comfortable with our new house. I still worry about things going wrong, like the sellers trying to screw us over or something breaking right after we move in. But since my worries aren’t grounded in reality, I’m trying to stop worrying and think about other things. Like all the projects we’re going to do once we move in! And for me, projects equal Pinterest. 

I go on Pinterest all the time. Seriously, I’m addicted. I started following pins about “farmhouse style” because as you may know, I want to live on a farm someday. What I’ve noticed more often than not is that “farmhouse style” is a very nonspecific term on Pinterest. Like, a farmhouse kitchen has marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a huge restaurant-grade sink. Sorry, but that’s nothing like any of the real farmhouse kitchens I’ve seen!  Since when did farmhouse style mean modern luxury? The farmhouses I’ve seen in Wisconsin are pretty plain, not luxurious. Farmers don’t have time to remodel! I love farmhouses because they usually have cool historical details and cozy, rustic decor. Apparently, people on Pinterest think farmhouses have all-white rooms, furniture, and decorations (which is just not practical for a farmer). Don’t get me wrong, those rooms are beautiful, but I wouldn’t call them farmhouse. Just show me pictures of real farmhouses, Pinterest!