Today I subbed for a couple of hours for a teacher at the preschool where I used to work. When I got my current job, I told the school that I would be open to subbing in the future if they needed it. I’m glad I did! Even though I was only there a couple of hours, it was nice to be with the kids again. I knew most of the kids in the class from when I still worked there full time. In reality, I’ve only been gone a few months, but it feels like much longer! I love working with children, and I loved being a preschool teacher. However, I don’t regret leaving.

Even though I loved working with the kids, the job itself stressed me out. I was a “float” teacher, basically a permanent substitute. So I was “on call” for other teachers anytime, day or night, if they needed a substitute. I worked a different schedule every day, and I was in a different classroom every day. It could be really early in the morning, the afternoon shift, or a really long day with both! Even though it was a part-time job, it felt like full time. I could never plan things for my unscheduled days, because I could always get called into work. And since I was the substitute, I could forget about ever taking a sick day! For an obsessive planner like me, it was rough. I worked there for a year. I probably should have left sooner, but I just loved the kids I worked with. I finally had to admit to myself that the job was taking a toll on me, mentally and physically. Keeping a calm demeanor while being on your feet all day long, handling kid crises left and right, plus washing dishes and changing diapers is not for everyone.

After my wedding and honeymoon, my plan was to work at a different school in a position with more regular hours. Once that time came around, I was already questioning if teaching was right for me. I have a four year degree in Communications, so teaching was a departure from my field. At that point, I felt like it was now or never to go back to the Communications field and use my degree, or continue teaching and have to take more Early Childhood courses. I chose to try and get a job in my field. I’m so grateful that I got my current job as a social media/web specialist. I have regular hours, but it’s flexible if I need it to be. I can even work from home sometimes! I can still sub at the school, but on my terms. For now, it’s a perfect compromise!