Earlier this week, I was driving home from the gym around 5:00 – the height of rush hour. Not only was it rush hour, it was also snowing, so what was usually a 15 minute drive became a 25 minute drive. I was stuck at a stoplight in the midst of all this traffic, when I had the strongest desire to be driving home in a pickup truck down a lonely country road. It sounds silly when I write it down. But the feeling was so strong – my wish to be far away from the city, and traffic, and other people. Just me and wide open spaces. I’ve always thought that someday I’ll move to the country and live on a farm. I grew up in a suburb, and since I left home I’ve lived in cities out of necessity. That’s where all the jobs are, and culture, and people. All things I like, for the most part. It just seems like young people ought to live in cities, so that’s where I am. But now that the hubby and I are looking for a house, we need to decide what we really want. Both of us eventually want land and a big house. I really want a small farm, with vegetables and a few farm animals. So the question is, do we go for that dream now, or stay in the city where “young people” like us belong? (I could argue that we aren’t young people. Both of us are old souls and always have been – but I could write a whole other post about that) Would we even fit in a small town, at this point in our lives? Right now, our budget can buy us a little house in the city, or a much bigger house in a small town. The trouble is we both have jobs in the city, so moving away from it would require us to buy another car so we can commute. I feel like we can’t afford that right now. Anyway, I guess we’ll figure that out when we need to. Right now, there’s nothing on the market that strikes our fancy – inside or outside the city.